Central Church of Christ

The Central Church of Christ has a long heritage in the city of Clarksburg. For over 75 years we have reached out to the needs of our community. The Church first met on Milford St. in a building called “The Paul Pringle Hall”. Just fifteen members came together each Sunday but it was not long before their numbers grew. Since the beginning, the Central Church of Christ has worked diligently to share the story of Jesus Christ. Along the way we have grown in faith and strength as Jesus worked in our lives. Now we want to share the life of Jesus Christ with you. What to expect

Community: When you first enter our doors you will most certainly be greeted by a myriad of members who have come to worship God together. One of the beautiful things about Jesus’ church is the community it creates. Our congregation is made up of members with a variety of backgrounds but they have all come together for one purpose, to celebrate Jesus Christ.

Singing: When we gather together we sing and praise our God. Song books and Power Point is used so we know the words.

The Lord’s Supper & Offering: Every Sunday our congregation sets aside time to celebrate Jesus by eating unleavened bread and grape juice. Christians do this because Jesus asked his disciples to remember him in this way. Immediately following the Lord’s Supper members make a contribution for the activities of the church.

Prayer: During worship we pray together as a part of our worship. Typically this is led by one member who speaks for everyone as we pray. During a prayer we thank God, praise Him, and ask for help in times of need.

Preaching: Every Sunday, the minister Tim Jorgensen, preaches a sermon on various subjects relating to God, the Bible, and humanity. A typically sermon lasts about 20-25 minutes and is accompanied by a power point presentation. Preaching is a part of how we worship. By learning more about God we draw closer to Him.

Connect With Us: When you come to service you will be greeted by many members who would like to get to know you. We hope you let us. In addition, if you fill out a visitor card (located near the song books in the pews) that will let us know how interested you are in contact. You may also learn more about us on Facebook or Twitter.


Leader’s List:

Minister: Tim Jorgensen

Secretary: Robin Everitt


Keith Bramel

Dave Jacobs


Bill Everitt

Philip Freeman

Marvin George


Church Motto and Mission Statement


Church Motto: Seek, Pray, Listen, Serve

 (We strive to live by these words every day, both as members of the Central Church of Christ and as members of the Clarksburg community. We would love to get to know you!)

Missional Statement:

“We, the Central Church of Christ, seek to spread the message of Jesus in Clarksburg and the surrounding communities.”

We hope to achieve this by:

• Proclaiming God’s word and allowing His word to convict hearts
• Patterning our lives after Jesus
• The indwelling of the Holy Spirit
• Reaching out to hurting souls
• Empowering His people to work in the kingdom
• Developing an intimate relationship with the Father through Jesus
• Promoting fellowship and unity in the body of Christ